Christmas Drinks 2019

At 12:30 on 8th December, we all gathered at Colin and Di Thomas’s house in Gerrards Cross for our annual Xmas Drinks and carol singing.

We last visited the Thomas’s for Christmas in 2017, when the snow prevented many from attending. Luckily, this year was a completely different story, with bright winter sunshine. Only a few people couldn’t make it, being struck down by winter bugs and not able to attend. So we were about 45 in number.

After a glass of wine, Gwyndaf John was at hand to hand out sticky name badges – either as an aide de memoire when greeting people, or to remind us who we were.

Our caterers, ‘To Dine For’ were excellent and a constant stream of canapés and drinks were served as we circulated, chatted and caught up with old friends.  Many used this opportunity to distribute Christmas cards – a chance to circulate and save on postage!

Chairman, David Powell, thanked everyone for attending and especially our hosts, Di & Colin as this was the third CDWS event they’d held over the last few years.  He then handed over to Jonathan Pegler at the piano for the Christmas carols.

This year Jonathan had produced new carol sheets, which were much appreciated and the entire room joined in for some of our favourites.

The singing went on until mid-afternoon, when guests started drifting away, thanking our hosts and making it home before dark.


Thanks again to Colin, Di, our caterers and the organisers.

There are lots more pictures here.

Christmas Drinks 2018

What a difference in the weather this year! Last year a sudden snowfall prevented many people from attending the Christmas drinks event, but in 2018 the weather was mild enough to enjoy the garden, and about 55 people arrived instead of the 20 or so who were able to brave the snow last year.

Jonathan, Gwyndaf & David were on parking patrol, directing drivers onto neighbour’s drives and along the lane to the Jones’s house, and, on arrival, Kay placed a label on each person, to remind them who they were and to make conversation easier.

Bill & Sue Jones were excellent hosts, and, assisted by the staff of ‘To Dine For’, attendees were plied with canapés and drinks. Many people used the opportunity of such a large gathering to distribute Christmas cards and Kay also handed out copies of the Winter Newsletter.

Rob Britton announced that Peter Lawrence has just celebrated his 90th birthday and is marking it by swimming 90 lengths of the Amersham Pool over the course of a week for the charity Bloodwise. Not only did Peter achieve his goal, he exceeded it by swimming 100 lengths!  Rob ran a raffle to support Peter Lawrence’s chosen charity which raised £200.

Unfortunately, later in the afternoon, Peter Johnston suffered a fall and we needed to call the para-medics, who took him to the hospital. Happily after he was examined the doctors declared that he was fine and he was able to be sent back home.

After the ambulance left, with Peter looking somewhat brighter, Jonathan Pegler played the organ and Bill Jones led the singing of some favourite Christmas carols.


Instead of presenting the usual gifts to the hosts to show our appreciation, David Powell explained that Bill & Sue had requested a donation to the Woodland Trust in order to plant trees in Parc Mawr, Conway. Bill went on to describe the ecological background and benefits of the scheme, and, at the end of the afternoon, sufficient funds had been raised for six trees to be dedicated in the name of Chiltern District Welsh Society.

We all left at about 4pm. Many thanks to Bill & Sue Jones for being such welcoming hosts and to ‘To Dine For’ for the delicious canapes and attentive service.

Christmas Drinks 2017

Everyone woke up on Sunday 10th December to find a thick layer of snow had fallen overnight and it was still snowing. It was unexpected, the roads had not been salted and the snow showed no sign of disappearing.

Luckily, we only live a few minutes away from Colin and Di Thomas’s house in Gerrards Cross, so we were able to make it, but many were not so lucky. We had expected a turnout of about 60, but only 20 people managed the journey, mostly from Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield, including new members Kate and Colin Picton.

We were uncertain how many people would be able to attend, and as the time went by emails and phones started to arrive with tales of impassable roads and AA weather warnings.

Thankfully, the caterers, ‘To Dine For’ made it through the snow and were all prepared.  The food was excellent and very plentiful.  We had not only the canapés we had ordered but about half of the canapés for Stephanie’s following event (for 100 people) which had been cancelled. She said that the canapés for the later event wouldn’t keep, and insisted they had to be eaten.

As numbers were reduced, it did mean that we had the opportunity to talk to everyone and it was a very friendly atmosphere.

Jonathan Pegler had brought a good supply of carol sheets, distributed them around the room and played the piano while everybody enthusiastically joined in the singing.

We all left in good time before dark, trudging through the snow, many with doggy-bags of surplus food, and there was quite a bit left for Colin and Di’s supper – they earned it!

It was a different sort of event, but very sociable, and a nice-sized gathering for the new members to meet people, but it was a shame that so many were not able to enjoy the afternoon.

Many thanks to Colin and Di for their hospitality.

More photographs (and videos) here.

David Powell & Jonathan Pegler.

Christmas Drinks 2016

On a bright, beautiful  December morning we gathered for our yearly Christmas drinks.

We were warmly greeted by our Chairman Kay Day and our hosts Di and Alan Longshaw at their home in Chalfont St Peter.img_0047

A warming glass of wine enjoyed with delicious canapes prepared for by *To Dine For*  As usual the atmosphere was convivial , guests chattering together  – Christmas preparations- activities with friends and families.

Some had attended the London Male Voice choir at the Albert Hall, others to the Christmas concert at Jewin chapel where Huw Edwards was the host. Excitement at learning Huw is to be our guest speaker at next year’s St David’s Day Dinner.

With warm sunshine , the conservatory doors were opened, guests spilled out into the garden and admired the beautiful coy carp in the garden pond.img_0052

Later, before it was time to leave Jonathan Pegler organized the carol signing, unaccompanied this time but the pure Welsh voices  were a delight to hear.

Kay thanked all that had made this event so enjoyable and as we left we picked up our copy of the newsletter.


Liz Seely

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Xmas Drinks Party 2013

A warm Welsh welcome was provided by Bill and Sue Jones for the Christmas Drinks Party which they hosted at their wonderful home in Camp Rd, Gerrards Cross on Sunday 8th December.IMG_4320

The wine and beer flowed and an excellent turnout of over 50 people enjoyed a fine and plentiful selection of canapés from a new caterer, while they mixed with old friends, met new members and discussed their plans for Xmas and the New Year.

Xmas at the Jones's

Xmas at the Jones’s

After an hour or so, when the canapés were eventually all consumed and the sound of chatter had begun to subside, it was time for the ever popular carol singing.

Bill Jones warmed up his electric organ with a solo virtuoso performance but it was John Pegler once again who was called on to provide the accompaniment for the carols.

IMG_4319Despite the fact that by then some members had already departed, the thirty or so remaining members joined in the singing of a traditional selection of carols in wonderful Welsh harmony before finishing the proceedings with a gusto performance of Maen hen wlad fy nhadau.

A fitting end to another successful year of events for CDWS.

Colin Thomas


Oxford Links

We have made contact with 2 very interesting Welsh Groups in Oxfordshire

The Oxfordshire Welsh Society holds an event every month or two with evening recitals and golf days.

There is also The Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir which gives about 12 performances a year.

George Jenkinson is chairman of the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir – a busy choir performing on a regular basis all round Oxfordshire. Below are their 2014 public concerts.

Date           Location                             Event
8.2.14         Watlington – St Leonard’s   Concert
1.03.14       Wesley Memorial, Oxford    St David’s Day social and concert
22.03.14     Blewbury                              Concert
12.04.14     Abingdon Guildhall               Joint concert with Tenby Male Voice Choir
10.05.14     Stadhampton – TO BE CONFIRMED Concert
13.09.14     Stanton St John                   Concert
1.11.14       Oxford Town Hall (tbc)         Annual Concert
15.11.14     Tring                                     Remembrance Day Concert
9.05.15       Albert Hall                           Massed Choir Concert

George writes: ” In addition to the website we have a facebook page which has recent photos and news.
If any of your members do come to any concerts, please stop for a chat, its always good to hear of other Welsh Groups. ”