Quiz Evening 23/01/2015



maldwyn 2







The winning team - The Travellers



Who says real men don't eat quiche?

Who says real men don’t eat quiche?


St David’s Day Dinner 28/02/2015

Chairman Jonathan Pegler and President Ann Evans

Chairman Jonathan Pegler and President Ann Evans

Jonathan and John discuss the music

Jonathan and John discuss Wales Rugby win


Margaret Payne and Jayne Pegler

Margaret Payne and Jayne Pegler





Speaker The Rt Hon David Jones MP

Ann Evans and Colin Thomas


Barrie Reece


John Breese at the piano







Theatre Trip
The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s ‘The Complete History of Comedy (abridged)’
Tuesday 24th March 2015



Summer Lunch at Kay & Peter Day’s Home

 Danger – Men at Work

WelshSummerLunch2015 001a

Putting up the tents

WelshSummerLunch2015 005a
WelshSummerLunch2015 007a


A well earned break

WelshSummerLunch2015 014a

And the guests arrive…….
WelshSummerLunch2015 015a

WelshSummerLunch2015 021

WelshSummerLunch2015 034

WelshSummerLunch2015 041a

And now for the food

WelshSummerLunch2015 027

WelshSummerLunch2015 026

WelshSummerLunch2015 023









Christmas Drinks 2015

Bill & Ann

Bill & Ann



Maldwyn sees Jonathan coming with reinforcements

Maldwyn sees Jonathan coming with reinforcements


Pam Britton asks treasurer Graham about annual fees

Pam Britton asks treasurer Graham about annual fees

Bill discusses politics

Bill discusses politics

Muriel entertains

Muriel entertains

Welsh Society Xmas Drinks 014
Welsh Society Xmas Drinks 020

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

Kay looks for the hosts

Kay looks for the hosts

The Chairman and Dilys

The Chairman and Dilys

Chairman Kay thanks hosts Bill & Dilys

Chairman Kay thanks hosts Bill & Dilys

Jonathan prepares for the carols

Jonathan prepares for the carols

Hugh singing quietly

Hugh singing quietly

Gwyndaf's solo

Gwyndaf’s solo

Recent Posts

Virtual Christmas Drinks 2020

Christmas Drinks 5:30 pm 13/12/2020

This year’s Christmas Drinks party was quite different, and at least it didn’t mean a discussion about who was going to drive home.

Janet John acted as the technical host of the Zoom-based event, with Gwyndaf sending out invitations and Janet controlling the meeting in the background. We all signed in and soon saw 25 other screens looking back at us with about 45 members present.

David Powell welcomed everyone and explained how the meeting/party was going to be organised.
As a group we heard from members from their own rooms and were particularly pleased to see those who had not been able to make recent events (i.e. a year ago) or had moved away from the area.

Peter and Pat Chapman spoke from Brecon about the joys of living in the country and the fear of the rising river level!
Elan & Robin Preston-Whyte joined us from Englefield Green and we had a quick glimpse around their new flat.Group Screen shot

It was great to see Bridget Murray (with a backdrop of outer space) and Helen Hall again, who had both had issues attending previous meetings and new member Ruth Huckle introduced herself from Maidenhead.

Founder members, the Owens and the Broombys also gave their updates.
Colin and Di Thomas said that their house was a lot quieter this year than when they hosted last year’s get together!

Janet and Gwyndaf then randomly assigned us to ‘break-out rooms’ where we met in groups of 6 or so, so that we could chat informally amongst ourselves. This worked surprisingly well and it seemed no time until Janet called us all back into the main room and then assigned us all to different groups with new people to talk to. These sessions lasted about 8 minutes each.Break out

After 3 rounds of these chat rooms, David spoke about events planned for 2021.
These are currently ‘virtual’ events with a quiz night on Friday 22nd January and a virtual St David’s Day on 26th February with speaker Lord Williams of Oystermouth, better known as Rowan Williams. Born in Swansea, he was Bishop of Monmouth, the only Archbishop of Canterbury not to be a member of the Church of England, Master of Magdalene College Cambridge and is a prolific author and poet.

Depending on the level of restrictions, we may be able to hold a socially distanced Spring Walk and the AGM, but under current conditions, this looks unlikely. Unfortunately, there won’t be any trip to Wales this year.

After these notifications Jonathan Pegler then took over as master of ceremonies. Everyone’s microphones were muted (apart from Jonathan’s) and Jonathan played a selection of carols with Janet showing us the words on the screen. In effect we were all signing duets with Jonathan!

Finally, Jonathan played the National Anthem and we said our farewells to each other at about 7pm.

I think that everyone thought that the event went well, and our thanks go to Janet, Gwyndaf and Jonathan for making the evening go so smoothly.

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