Xmas Drinks December 2017



Golf Day 1st September 2017





































Summer Lunch 2nd July 2017








Tenby – 19th June






















Spring Walk 9th May

Starting out


Through the bluebell woods


Gwyndaf explains the view

Gwyndaf explains the view

The View over Fingest

Thirteenth Century Fingest church


The Frog at Skirmett



A.G.M. 5th May

Kay and the rope trick – how did he do that?

The cup and Ball trick

Magician Mike Smith

Kay calls us to order

Gathering of the Clans


St Davids’s Day 25th February

Anne Thomas, Kay Day, Huw Edwards

Anne Thomas, Kay Day, Huw Edwards

Peter Lawrence, Ann Lawrence, Huw Edwards

Jonathan Pegler and Huw Edwards

Muriel Knight and Huw Edwards

Gwyn Owens, Jean Owens and Huw Edwards

Huw Edwards and Eileen Mitchell

Steve Rowsell, Rhiannon Rowsell & Huw Edwards

Huw Edwards with Ann Evans



  • Quiz Night 20th January
     Jonathan asks the questions
    We try to guess the answers.
    A welcome break for supper.
    The judges add up the scores.

    The Bluebirds team are the clear winners.

    Points mean prizes!