Summer Lunch 7th July 2019

The morning was rather grey and the trusty band of men erecting the gazebos, under the supervision of Alan Longshaw, survived the rain.

Luckily the weather brightened to welcome the 48 people who turned up for lunch. The large Welsh flag, flying near the topiary, was very helpful in finding the correct location.

Our hosts, Alan and Diana Longshaw’s, garden was much admired and in particular the fish pond and water lilies. Some of the goldfish and carp were seen later when Alan fed them, but the general noise, chatter and banter kept them in the depths for most of the time. 

 The food, served by “To Dine For” was excellent and many had seconds! It is interesting how many people are allergic to hazelnuts, is this a Welsh gene?

David Powell thanked our hosts and the caterers. A presentation was made to Graham Beavan for his years of service as Society Treasurer.

The enjoyable party broke up mid-afternoon and the volunteers dismantled the gazebos, tables and chairs to return them to the Longshaw garage.

Kate Picton

Summer Lunch 1st July 2018

The gazebos, tables and chairs arrived safely at the home of Peter and Pat Chapman in Gerrards Cross. The team erected the gazebos with expertise and precision from many years of practice!



We have come to expect good weather at the summer lunch and we were not disappointed. Blue skies and glorious sunshine greeted the 52 members who mingled in the garden before sitting down to lunch.


During lunch everyone enjoyed the food, the banter and the company.

Towards the end of the meal our chairman, David Powell, gave the thanks of the society to Ann Thomas for her time as a member of the committee. Ann was not able to attend the AGM to receive her tribute and gift. It was a pleasure for members to applaud and give thanks to Ann.

The chairman thanked the caterers, ‘Truly Scrumptious’ for providing a delicious meal. He formally thanked Peter and Pat Chapman for hosting the event at their home.

Another glorious summer lunch and all are looking forward to the future events of the Chiltern District Welsh Society.


Bob Ford

Summer Lunch 2017

Early on the morning of Sunday July 2nd a group of our stalwart men folk gathered at Ernest Morris’s house in Amersham to erect gazebos in his garden for the annual summer lunch.

The rest of us arrived around 12.30 on a beautiful, hot, sunny day.  The ladies were in their prettiest summer dresses and the gentlemen in light shirts and trousers, as well as the odd pair of shorts.

There was much chat about the success of the Lions team against the All Blacks in New Zealand the previous day, as well as reminiscences about the very recent and successful CDWS trip to Tenby organised by Jonathan Pegler. There were a few people who were sadly, unable to come at the last minute for various reasons, and they were much missed.

Fifty of us mingled in the garden before being asked to collect our food provided by To Dine For Catering company.  A number of very helpful young assistants served the food – a selection of salads, new potatoes, cold beef and salmon en croute with various relishes, and bread and butter.  We had brought our own wine and glasses but water was provided on each table and refreshed several times because of the high temperatures.  Desserts were equally delicious with a choice of pear meringue and fruit tarts.  Later, coffee, tea and chocolates were served at the table.

Before we all departed for home after a very pleasant three hours, our Chairman, Kay Day, thanked the catering company for the delicious lunch they had prepared for us and reminded us of some of the upcoming events of the Chiltern District Welsh Society.  Thanks were also given to Ernest for opening up his home and beautiful garden for us to use for this very popular and enjoyable summer event.



Have a good summer everyone and enjoy the Wimbledon Championships, cricket and other outdoor events, particularly if the lovely weather continues!

Rose Alkins

More pictures here

2016 Summer Lunch

Weren’t we lucky with the weather?

All week there had been downpours, but Saturday was better, then on Sunday, the weather was bright and sunny.

P1060388Eight fine strapping chaps got to the Broomby’s for 9:30am and proceeded to erect the gazebos for the gathering. Although rather early for me on a Sunday, it is still one of my favourite pastimes, with lots of teamwork and camaraderie, as we tried to remember how everything fitted together.



P1060392My best quote from the morning (referring to how two poles fitted together) was – “No, it’s not an A and an A1, it’s an A1 and an A!”.

Anyway, after about an hour of trying to get 9 guys to coordinate their efforts, the tents were up – not bad.


The construction team

(L to R) Gwyndaf John, Colin Mitchell, Ralph Broomby, Gwyn Owen, Graham Beavan, Bill Jones, Colin Thomas, David Powell, Peter Day

Margaret Broomby rewarded us with teas, coffees and biscuits, while we admired our handywork and congratulated each other, feeling quite proud of ourselves, before going home to get washed and dressed up.

P1060396By 12:30 people started gathering at the Broomby’s . There were plenty of parking places, with kind neighbours offering their drives for the afternoon, and people started talking about the weather, how good the trip to North Wales had been, and of course the football (Wales had just beaten Northern Ireland).

Ralph amazed the visitors

Ralph amazed the visitors

Kay Day welcomed everyone and Ralph Broomby entertained us all with a magic act involving a cooker which converted grapes into bottled wine.P1060405

Catering was provided by ‘To Dine For’ and everyone enjoyed the beef, salmon and salads, as well as the excellent chocolate roulade and berries.


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Gwyndaf John had organised a quiz, to which the answer to most questions was ‘Gareth Bale’.




Kay then thanked the organisers, the ladies who’d created some really pretty flower displays and of course Ralph and Margaret Broomby for kindly hosting the event for the third time.



Loads of people helped with putting things away, and do you know, it was well gone 4pm before we’d finished – where had the time gone?



2015 Summer Lunch

Chiltern District Welsh Society 2015 Summer Lunch at our chairman’s home in Chesham Bois.

The beginning and end of the day looked like this respectively:
WelshSummerLunch2015 052aWelshSummerLunch2015 049a

And in between it was transformed for the Cymru ar Wasgar yn y Chilterns.

And the sun shone on Kay and Peter’s lovely home and garden in Chesham Bois which is where we were this year. Of the 47 people who turned up, approximately 20 had been involved in preparing for it in one form or another: from the erection team who magicked

WelshSummerLunch2015 005a




the gazebos, table and chairs, to the ladies led by our President Ann Evans who prepared the lovely table decorations, the committee who scheduled the event, printed notices and published it on the web site, and Maldwyn and Gwyndaf who collected and delivered the equipment a couple of days before, and returned it a couple of days afterwards. Thank you all.

We were at Kay and Peter Day’s home in Chesham Bois. Some of us felt at home because we thought the “boys” from the valleys had already been here, whereas in reality the Bois comes from the de Bosco family (the French version of which was ‘de Bois’) as far back as 1213 when a William du Bois was holding the local manor.

We arrived at 9:30 to put up the equipment. There has to be something in management training about 5 leaders telling 3 subordinates what to do. This saw us getting everything installed in record time. WelshSummerLunch2015 014a

This allowed everyone to return home, dress up and appear as guests! And fine we all looked too.



WelshSummerLunch2015 019aSomeone wanted to know where to put up the Welsh bunting, whereas of course bunting was an English Royal Naval term and therefore an antithesis when used with Welsh.

WelshSummerLunch2015 041a


Our Chairman Kay Day welcomed everyone in Welsh and English and, ably accompanied by chorister Jonathan, led us in our national anthem. Gwyn Owen, Colin Thomas, Jean Owen, Ann Thomas, Ann Evans and John Breese’s voices were prominent, so much so that they acted like a homing beacon for Ann and Barrie Reece who were still lost on Clifton Road!!

The garden looked lovely – Colin Thomas said you wouldn’t get a garden like that in Gerrards Cross because they would have sold half of it for development.

Two eminent members of the society took opposite views as to who should take credit for the garden – one said it was due to Kay’s hard work, whilst the other said it was Peter’s. I think it was a joint effort. This year’s 30 question quiz was to find, from 30 places in the garden, where the fishpond had been – and that’s how the Welsh became good at the loose maul!

WelshSummerLunch2015 026Conversation flowed as we caught up with hwn ar llall. Each table developed its own personality: Margaret and John Edwards’ table was consumed in lively, humorous and energetic conversation with science and technology as a probable theme. Our table talked holidays, golf, theatre and opera and, the upcoming Brecon trip in September.

WelshSummerLunch2015 027

I heard conversations about food and restaurants from another table. And laughter came from all tables.

Eager to catch up with others, we meandered at leisure amongst the other tables.


WelshSummerLunch2015 023

Our caterers this year were To Dine for Catering. They provided us with Salmon en croute, Chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham, new potatoes, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, asparagus/mixed leaf salad,   Lemon Tart, fresh fruit salad, cream,  Tea/coffee mints. Pryd perffaith!

And the sun shone all day.

But a gust of wind saw me frighteningly and single handedly, for a few brief fleeting seconds when everything seemed to go into slow motion and appear longer as they do in accidents alone, on the wrong side of the gazebo trying to keep it from flying off!

That was until others leapt at the trailing legs. Had we not had such brawn as Gwyn Owen, Ralph Broomby, Jonathan Pegler and Peter Day leap into action, we could have seen the gazebo carving a path across tables and garden, and then taking off with me still hanging on to a leg as if in a take for Mary Poppins. In the event we had 6 men offering various pieces of advice on how to get one of the struts back into place.

Di Thomas was serenaded to a happy birthday by the mixed voice choir of the Chiltern District Welsh Society. Barrie Reece demonstrated how to sing the “soh lah te doh” to a climax on the final line of the verse!

And whilst Gwyndaf John had come to help us in the morning, he and Janet couldn’t be with us. They’d just become grandparents the Thursday before, and hadn’t yet seen their grandson because they’d been on holiday in Ireland until the Saturday evening. Likewise David and Irene Powell couldn’t be with us because their parents were unwell and they also had a granddaughter on Thursday. We missed them all. Congratulations to both families on their new arrivals!

Later in the afternoon Jonathan and Kay distributed the 2015 Summer Newsletter which had been prepared by David Powell. What a fine job David does of it, including the stapling, layout and design. Thank you David – your fine work on the website, photos, write ups and news letters are really appreciated by the society. It reminds us that we’ve been going for 15 years, and at nearly 130 members makes us one of the largest Welsh Societies in Britain – could be even 2nd according to one scholarly research.

WelshSummerLunch2015 048a

And then Jonathan, saving our chairman’s embarrassment of giving the host (herself) a thank you gift! presented Kay and Peter with flowers and a bottle of wine respectively to thank them for opening up their lovely home and garden to us.

What I learnt was how many of us spoke Welsh, and yet we don’t so much at our society’s events. For example, I didn’t know that Maldwyn spoke such excellent Welsh. Kay, who comes from DwyGyfylchi near Penmaenmawr, and I spoke Welsh for the first time together. Cadwch yr iaith yn fyw!

Ceiriog – one of Wales’s greatest poets in the mid 19th century – wrote of the Welsh’s shyness when living in (Manchester) the land of the English (or saeson from the word Saxon). Our summer lunch showed another side, a thriving confident true community and society, working together and enjoying each other’s company – what a difference from the “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt” world of today.

And with a 1,2,3, down the gazebos came, and everything was packed for next year.

What a heart-warming, thoroughly enjoyable day! Courtesy of our hosts and volunteers.

Ac ymlaen!


Bill Jones.



Summer Lunch 2014

P1040850The Chiltern District Welsh Society Summer Lunch is always something to approach with eager anticipation but also with a degree of trepidation.
Will it rain or won’t it?
Will all the pieces of the gazebos be there?
Will there be a quiz?!

15th June started as usual with the ultimate male bonding exercise – forget rugby matches, days at the cricket or stag weekends: erecting the gazebos beats them hands down! It sounds easy enough, but there’s always a pole missing at a crucial moment, or poles spring out of connectors unexpectedly; until, that is, the covering goes on, when all seems to bind magically together. This year our dedicated group of chaps managed the feat in only a little over an hour, which is, I think, probably a record.

Many thanks to all who participated, and also to the ladies who provided our table decorations.


We had our usual luck with the weather. It didn’t rain, and while it certainly wasn’t particularly sunny or warm, the temperature was probably more tolerable than last year’s blazing sunshine. Jean and Gwyn’s beautiful garden provided an idyllic setting. The Summer Lunch is one of our main purely social events, and it was hard for me to persuade our 51 attendees to tear themselves away from chatting and/or exploring the garden and admiring the fruit and vegetables on display. Nevertheless, we managed to eat our way through a delicious buffet lunch, without a quiz to distract us this year!

The food was provided by the ever reliable Ann Tennant. This year she had an unexpected assistant in the form of a very cheeky Robin with designs on the croutons!P1040884aP1040855








Apart from this, nothing very much happened – it was just one of those days when everyone seemed to enjoy each other’s company.





I must thank Gwyn and Jean Owen for being the perfect hosts. The Society’s first ever Summer Lunch took place in their garden 14 years ago. I found myself wondering why we had not returned sooner!




Jonathan Pegler

Summer Lunch – 14th July 2013

(Also news of future Chiltern Welsh and London Glamorgan Society events below)


A Welsh Summer Lunch

Cymru ar Wasgar yn y Chilterns 2013

What a scorcher! The weatherman said 30C, whilst one person leaving the lunch said her car recorded 33C. It was probably the hottest day we’d ever had for our annual summer lunch. And weren’t we all grateful for it. I’m sure that the committee had planned the marquees in case it rained, but weren’t we grateful for their protection from the sun? Not that we complained – it made us all feel very good.

And as people arrived we saw a large array of hats on display, topping lovely summer outfits. Had we had a best hat parade I would have given my gents vote to Bob Ford’s – what style! The ladies too had brought hats but most carried them in so I didn’t see too many being worn, but Pam Britton wore hers with grace. We mingled over drinks to catch up on gossip, using “ein hiaith” where we could, whilst Jean Owen and Muriel Knight distributed small posies of flowers which they’d brought along to brighten up the tables. Janet John had brought along a bubble making machine which created a party spirit as the bubbles danced their way through the tents until their all too brief existence came to an end as they drifted into more solid things. Irene Powell said one can get square bubbles these days! What good are the corners?

The day had started at 9:45 when a team arrived to erect the marquees, set up the tables etc. What team work! Thanks go to Colin Thomas, Alan Longshaw, Peter Johnson, David Powell, Maldwyn Pugh, Gwyndaf John, Jonathan Pegler and Bill Jones. Di Thomas too was busy making sure everything was as she wanted it (including laying down some more grit!).

Let’s go further back…..the committee must have been preparing this day for many months. Di and Colin had kindly volunteered their lovely house – The New House – back in the Summer of 2012 so that the program could be printed. Maldwyn Pugh had secured the loan of the marquees from Little Chalfont Parish Council, whist Gwyndaf John and David Powell had collected them a couple of days before. The ladies in Ann Evans’s Welsh class had prepared the posies of flowers for the tables.

Colin also had his Moore and Moore pedal-powered harmonium carried out to help with the singing later on if required. It’s not far from a hundred years old (since M&M finished trading in 1921) and of course being pipe-based can’t go out of tune! Memories of the chapel flooded back.
Anyone passing The New House would have wondered why Welsh Flags were so prominent on the hedges on Windsor Road, but for us they were welcoming homing beacons! And so at 12:30 we came from far and wide to our annual summer lunch. Jonathan Pegler (our chairman) welcomed us and gave us the order of the day and thanked the caterer, Jill Mayo, and her team. She had also arranged the supply of tables and chairs. He then passed over to Gwyndaf to introduce the dreaded quiz. Don’t quizzes make you realize how little you know?

It was a quiz about the Lions – given his birthplace, height and weight, identify the Welsh member of the squad. If you got them right you got points and if you needed clues you lost points. As Gwyndaf explained how the cunning points system worked, over on my right Jonathan Pegler was gaily sauntering through the list and filling in the names all by himself, such that by the time Gwyndaf returned to the table, Jonathan had done all of it by himself! Most of the other tables were too proud to sacrifice points for clues – with dire consequences. When it came to marking, Jonathan had got them all correct whilst the next nearest score was around 60%. So the Quizmaster, exercising the great powers vested upon him, disqualified Jonathan’s table for spurious reasons, and declared the other table winners.

As for me I’d declare the whole thing void since one of the correct answers was Sam Warburton whereas Sam Warburton is in fact Sam Kennedy-Warburton and it’s on such things that reputations are made and lost. Despite rugby fan Margaret Payne’s sterling efforts at her table, there was a heartfelt plea from some of the ladies to have a quiz more suited to their gender. Maybe a lady will set a quiz the next time?
The lunch itself was a selection of quiche and cold meat, salad and delicious summer desserts – ideal for the weather. Colin’s collection of Welsh CD’s played at low volume provided suitably “hiraethog” background music.

After the meal Jonathan expressed our gratitude to Di and Colin for graciously hosting us and presented them with flowers and a bottle of good wine. Gwyn & Jean Owen can hardly wait until it’s their turn next year!

Gwyndaf also had a cricket game lined up in the further part of the Garden but we never got to try that since it was far too hot for such activity and everyone was so engrossed in their conversations, although some had been practising in the morning – did they have an inside edge?
This “wilder” part of the garden had interesting features such as the mirror on the wall as a “through the looking glass”, a ladder up the tree and, an old arch over which draped lovely roses. Colin explained to me that this latter arch (and it was old!) was one of 3 original ones from the Manor House on whose grounds The New House was built.

And as we were winding down, Barrie Reece – with his wife Ann, new members attending their first Society event – decided to have a go on Colin’s organ. And good he is too! Watch out John Breese and Jonathan Pegler, there’s competition about. So we had a few songs to finish with. Colin led the singing with laser-like precision on the top notes, whilst Jonathan – recently returned from an operatic course in Italy – provided the harmony.

Then those staying behind helped with dismantling the marquees and tables, packing everything and leaving it as we found it, so that Di and Colin could get back to normality quickly. Liz Seely showed us how to fold the cloths and tents to perfection.

Thank you Di and Colin for hosting us and thanks to all who made the many hands make light work. Diolch o galon i bawb a ddoth i wneud diwrnod atgofiadwy i’r gymdeithas.

Maldwyn gave me a lift back in his gleaming new car, telling me that he’s planning a over 200 mile walk from Swansea to Aberaeron. Maybe that’s what growing up in Soho does for you! A lovely end to a lovely day.

Bill Jones


Next Events
The Society’s Annual Golf Day – Friday 30th August
at Oaklands Park Golf Club

Trip to Cardiff 9th to 12th September

Trip to see the Magic Circle in London
Evening of November 5th – sure to go with a bang!
Booking details and costs to follow

2013 Christmas Drinks – 8th December 2013