Quiz Night 2021

Quiz Night Friday 22nd January 2021

Considering the circumstances our Annual Quiz Night went very well.

Of course, this year was rather different – there was no fish and chips, we stayed at home rather than travelling to Coleshill, and there was less opportunity to socialise, but it was still great fun.

Jonathan Pegler did a tremendous job, in fact several tremendous jobs in setting the quiz, running the quiz and handling the Zoom meeting.
Quiz Night Zoom screen shot
There was a very good turn-out with 40 members split up into seven teams.

We were arranged in groups of about 6 and all signed into the Zoom meeting at 6:45. By 7pm, Jonathan had given each team a colour as its name and arranged who went into which team.

There were 6 rounds of ten questions and at the beginning of each round Jonathan revealed the password to reveal the set of questions. Each team then went into a break-out room and discussed whether any of us could give an answer.

After what seemed to be no time at all, Jonathan called us back together and revealed the answers. The first round was about people ranging from Barbara Windsor to Napoleon.

The questions were up to Jonathan’s usual taxing standard, and after rounds two or three it soon became apparent that the White Team – Team Gwyn – was pulling ahead, scoring almost full points on the rounds concerning balls and tables. The rest of us also wondered where they were playing as the Zoom backgrounds kept changing!

Team Gwyn screenshotAs we moved into the final round Team Goch put on a late spurt, but it was too late, Team Gwyn (appropriately consisting of Gwyndaf and Janet John, Bill Jones, Ruth Huckle and Ann Brown) were too far in the lead.

Asked about their success Gwyn said ”The stars of our team were the women. Ruth could probably have won the Quiz on her own. Knowing the answers to the question on the Book of Common Prayer and also the details of Roulette tables indicates she has eclectic interests. Janet’s years of Electronics teaching meant the binary sum was spotted instantly. Ann’s Chemistry background was recent enough to remember the Periodic table – even if she was too young to remember the 1971 Lions coached by Carwyn James and featuring the incomparable Barry John.

Here are the final scores:

Final Scores for Quiz Night

I think that we’d all like to say a very big ‘Thank you’ to Jonathan for all his work in making the evening such a success.

2019 Quiz Evening

CDWS Quiz Evening 25/01/19

Thirty-six members of the Chiltern and District Welsh Society attended the 2019 Quiz Night (held on Burn’s Night) and we arranged ourselves into tables of six for a 7:30 start.

Jonathan set the quiz and delivered it with help from his with (lovely?) assistant Graham. This was a relief to many as Graham Beavan’s team has often won the quiz in prior years.

Each table had first to devise a name for its team. These were: The Gladiators, The Haggis, The Commoners, Dragons, Y Frrinda and Rebellion.

We started at 7:30 and Jonathan’s fiendish questions were set in 6 rounds with titles such as Name that advert and decade, Food & Drink, Science, General Knowledge, Cities with 2 names and Famous faces.

After the first two rounds Fish & Chips were delivered from the Three Households Fish and Chip shop ‘The Village Chippy’ – they were prompt, hot and tasty.

As the rounds progressed it became obvious that one team were drawing ahead, and at the end of the evening, the winning team, The Commoners, were revealed to be a team comprising of Gwyndaf & Janet John, David & Irene Powell & Rose Edwards. Two Committee members in the winning team? They denied any inside knowledge, but one never knows…..

David thanked Jonathan for all the work that he had put into organising the quiz and a show of hands supported the proposal to change to the September trip from a tour of Bath to a coach trip to Slimbridge, where Peter Scott’s house will be opening with the opportunity of seeing his pictures and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust site that he founded.

Say Cheese (and Wine)

As a change from our usual January Quiz Evening, this year we had a Cheese & Wine (& Beer) event. Approximately 40 CDWS members assembled at 7pm in Coleshill Village Hall (26th January).

Jonathan Pegler had scoured the country for Welsh Cheeses, and even a Welsh wine. He started by teasing us with the question of which was best with cheese – red, white or beer, then explained that it all depended on the type of cheese, but beer usually worked (think Ploughman’s lunch).

Jonathan had done his research and was able to describe in some detail each of the various beverages and cheeses we were about to try.

Cheeses came to each table two at a time and everyone could choose what should go with each. The seven cheeses varied from Brie-like, through Caerphilly to strong tangy cheddars (most people’s favourite). Among these were a smoked goat’s cheese which divided opinion between those who loved it, and some who thought it inedible.

There were two wines, two whites (including Glyndwr from the Vale of Glamorgan) and two full bodied reds from France and Italy.

The four Welsh beers were also very popular – ranging from light Reverend James and Madog’s Ale to a dark, liquorish and tar tasting Cwrwgl.

We all had notes with the names and sources of each cheese and wine, with details of the suppliers, and Jonathan asked us to guess which were the most and least expensive of each cheese, wine and beer. Jonathan and Graham Beavan also had several additional bottles of wine and beer which people could buy at cost. They did a roaring trade.

We finished the evening around 9:30 or so and everyone thought that this was nice to have a change. Thanks to Jonathan for his painstaking research and entertaining talk.

David Powell

Quiz Night 20th January 2017

On the evening of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, members of the CWDS had better things to do – Quiz Night!

Jonathan & Jayne

Jonathan & Jayne

Everyone braved the cold and gathered around 7pm and settled in tables of 6 or 7, six teams altogether. This year Jonathan’s lovely assistant was his wife Jayne.

Subjects for the five rounds included Water, the Year 2016 and Entertainment. The most difficult questions were on one of the table rounds, consisting of pictures of islands off the coast of Wales, which we had to try to identify.

Halfway through the evening we stopped for supper, provided by Ann Tennant and her ladies.








At the end of the evening, with our heads reeling, Graham Beavan’s team, the Bluebirds, were the clear leaders and stepped up to accept their prizes.






Thanks to Jonathan and Jayne for devising and conducting the quiz.

2016 Quiz Night

Friday 22nd January, 7pm, Coleshill Village Hall saw the 2016 Chiltern District Welsh Society annual quiz evening.

Chairman, Kay Day, welcomed everyone and asked us to arrange ourselves into tab
les of 6 or 7.
I looked around for the table with the best looking array of drinks and nibbles. Then quizmaster, Jonathan Pegler introduced our first task – to think of a name for our 6 newly formed teams.
The names selected were the Travellers, Ospreys, Double Crossers, Newbies, Exiles and Dwygyfylchi (it’s a village near Conwy – I looked it up).
IMG_0381aJonathan explained that would be 5 rounds of questions plus 2 table rounds. These were sheets of 20 questions placed on each table, to be answered over the course of the evening. The first was a series of 20 photographs of people with a Welsh connection, and the second set of questions involved guessing the language used for 20 different phrases each saying “I’m sorry I don’t speak Welsh” in a different European tongue (including Latvian, Azerbaijani and Bulgarian).
Jonathan, aided by his lovely assistant and score keeper, Gwyndaf John, then started the quiz proper, with 2 rounds of 10 questions, the first on general knowledge and then a second round on the subject of Chad or Chard.
Whilst the scores from these first rounds were being collected, an evening supper was
provided –either chili con carne or fish pie, followed by a wide choice of puddings and tea or coffee.
After supper we had a little time to continue with identifying the people in the photographs, and wildly guessing some of the languages (was that Spanish or Esperanto, Russian or
Bulgarian?) Gwyndaf revealed the half-time scores, and it was really quite close, with all teams still in the running – i.e. we were all failing quite badly in answering Jonathan’s
cryptic questions.
Three more rounds followed, with subjects including events that occurred on 22nd
January in recent or distant history, a tricky round involving estimating distances (in
Wales, around the earth, and a mathematical puzzle based on Jonathan’s swimming regime), and lastly another general knowledge round, with more than a few questions based on the society’s trips to Wales.
By this time my brain was hurting, as Gwyndaf revealed one of the closest sco
res yet, with only 4 points separating the top 5 teams, but Dwygfylchi emerged as clear winners of the 2016 Quiz.
Congratulations to the team, and many thanks to Jonathan (and Gwyndaf) for the quiz.

CDWS Quiz Evening 2015

The annual Welsh Society Quiz evening took place at the Coleshill Village Hall on Friday 23rd January.

Jonathan Pegler set the quiz and acted as inquisitor, assisted by Gwyndaf John and making good use of the Society’s new Epson projector

Approximately 37 members attended, split into 6 teams or 5 to 7 each with names such as ‘Brains of Swansea’, ‘The Chancers’, ‘Opreys’, ‘Ynys Môn’ ‘The Double Crossers’ and ‘The Travellers’.

Jonathan’s rounds concerned various topics such as Peers of the Realm – no that should read Piers of the Realm, the unintelligible assigning of aircraft registration letters, events that happened on the 23rd of January (such as the end of the battle of Rourke’s Drift), and rounds on Wales (of course), Science, Art and Political figures.

Halfway through the evening, with 3 teams battling for 1st place, we paused for a change to our usual fish and chip supper – Ann Lawrence provided us with delicious quiche and salad, finished off with tea and Welsh cakes, generously provided by Jean Owen.

Who says real men don't eat quiche?

Who says real men don’t eat quiche?

As the evening progressed the Travellers team, comprising Chris and Hazel Thomas, Kerry and Frank Birbeck and Graham and Anthea Beavan, began to increase their lead, and by the end of the evening their lead was unassailable.

The winning team - The Travellers

The winning team – The Travellers

Our thanks go to Jonathan for the quiz, Gwyndaf for keeping score, Ann Lawrence for arranging the hall and providing the food, Jean Owen for the Welsh cakes and the team of Ann Lawrence, Anne Evans and Anthea Beavan for supervising the food.

St David’s Day Dinner & the Quiz Night

St David’s Day Dinner

Our St David’s Day Dinner this year will be held on Friday 1st March at Gerrards Cross Golf Club.

The entertainment this year will be provided by the renowned harpist Claire Jones.

A Welcome drink will be served from 18.30pm with Dinner from 19.15pm

Tickets are £40 per person.

Wine with the meal is not included in the ticket price but can be purchased on the night from an excellent selection available.

The three course meal will be served, with coffee & mints to finish. The menu will be:


Marinated Prawn Skewers (Lemon & herb) with mixed leaves

Alternative option: Leek & Potato Soup


Roast Saddle of Lamb with Roasted Winter Vegetables, New Potatoes, Apricot Stuffing, Red Current Jus

Alternative Vegetarian option: Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable and Pesto Tagliatelle


Bread & Butter Pudding & Custard

Alternative option: Fruit Salad (with cream)


Tea/Coffee & Mints

Song-sheets will be ready for our usual rousing finale with John Breese at the piano, so all we need is for plenty of members and guests to turn up!


Please return the booking form, with your cheque(s) made payable to Chiltern District Welsh Society. So that we have an early indication of numbers please would you email Gwyndaf with numbers. If you wish to form a table with certain other members & guests let Maldwyn or Gwyn know.


Quiz Night Friday 25th January

Twenty four brave members of the Welsh Society braved the winter weather to venture to the Coleshill Village Hall on a dark night in January.

We arranged ourselves into 5 teams of between four and six people.

Mr Jonathan Pegler set the fiendish questions in 7 rounds with subjects such as General Knowledge, 2012, Quotations, Chilterns & London and a Welsh round.

Fish and chips arrived to great acclaim about 8:30pm and gave a brief break from the questions. Jonathan reassured us that the questions were really very easy, it was only finding the answers that was difficult!

Competition was fierce, with each team trying hard not to be last. After a challenge to the electronic scoring system and a re-count a team called ‘the Odd Group’ declared themselves the winners and rushed to claim the glory and prizes.

Quiz Winners - The Odd Group

Quiz Winners – The Odd Group

We finished about 10pm and it was amazing how quickly the hall was cleared of tables and chairs with so many volunteers.

Thanks to Jonathan for all your hard work in preparing and running the quiz.