CDWS Quiz Evening 2015

The annual Welsh Society Quiz evening took place at the Coleshill Village Hall on Friday 23rd January.

Jonathan Pegler set the quiz and acted as inquisitor, assisted by Gwyndaf John and making good use of the Society’s new Epson projector

Approximately 37 members attended, split into 6 teams or 5 to 7 each with names such as ‘Brains of Swansea’, ‘The Chancers’, ‘Opreys’, ‘Ynys Môn’ ‘The Double Crossers’ and ‘The Travellers’.

Jonathan’s rounds concerned various topics such as Peers of the Realm – no that should read Piers of the Realm, the unintelligible assigning of aircraft registration letters, events that happened on the 23rd of January (such as the end of the battle of Rourke’s Drift), and rounds on Wales (of course), Science, Art and Political figures.

Halfway through the evening, with 3 teams battling for 1st place, we paused for a change to our usual fish and chip supper – Ann Lawrence provided us with delicious quiche and salad, finished off with tea and Welsh cakes, generously provided by Jean Owen.

Who says real men don't eat quiche?

Who says real men don’t eat quiche?

As the evening progressed the Travellers team, comprising Chris and Hazel Thomas, Kerry and Frank Birbeck and Graham and Anthea Beavan, began to increase their lead, and by the end of the evening their lead was unassailable.

The winning team - The Travellers

The winning team – The Travellers

Our thanks go to Jonathan for the quiz, Gwyndaf for keeping score, Ann Lawrence for arranging the hall and providing the food, Jean Owen for the Welsh cakes and the team of Ann Lawrence, Anne Evans and Anthea Beavan for supervising the food.

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